The ins and outs of Public Ivies

Not your parents' tuition

This piece explores the trends in out-of-state student enrollment the three of the nation’s top universities with the use of interactive data visualizations. The story also includes a custom interactive that allows the user to input the year they entered UNC-Chapel Hill and see the price of tuition for themselves, their parents and their grandparents.

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How did we get here?

A look at the process behind “The Ins and Outs of the Public Ivies”

  1. An initial brainstorm of story ideas. I was interested in looking at an education issue. I started by querying the News & Observer UNC salaries API to look for stories in the salaries of UNC-Chapel Hill instructors. It turns out that legacy data on salaries is hard to find, so I pivoted to enrollment.
  2. Gather the data. I manually pulled data from 7 different sources for UNC-Chapel Hill, U-Va., and UC-Berkeley. Download the Spreadsheet
  3. Sketch the page. I typically like to start playing with ideas in Illustrator or Experience Design, but recently I’ve been focusing on starting with some rough sketches.
  4. Design the user interface. I produced a full mockup of the story and visualizations in Adobe XD. View the Prototype
  5. Code away. I used Bootstrap for the layout and C3.js for the data visualizations. All of the data for this piece is loaded dynamically from external JSON files with the use of the jQuery AJAX request. The interactive tuition explorer was built off a JavaScript dictionary parsed from a JSON.
An initial sketch of The Ins and Outs of the Public Ivies